Youngsters Addicted to the Net

According to a survey, a number of youngsters may be suffering from an internet addiction disorder.

The survey, which consisted of 1,300 adults, was conducted by marketing agency Digital Clarity, and found that 16% of the 18-25 year olds questioned displayed symptoms of internet addiction.

Nearly all of the 16% admitted to spending more than 15 hours a day online.

Experts, however, remain divided over how real a condition internet addiction is.

Previous studies have suggested that internet addiction operates in a similar way to drug or alcohol addiction, - and releases the chemical dopamine in the same way.

In Addictive Behaviours, a report published this week, Dr Andrew Doan outlines his view that internet addiction is real.

Doan describes a case of Google Glass addiction, involving a US Navy Serviceman.

The American Psychiatric Association's Diagnostic and Statistics manual of mental disorders is one of the key reference books for psychiatrics and it has not yet included internet addiction as a condition in its own right.

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