You May Soon Trust Your Phone to Run Your Entire Life...

Due to the combination of sensors, apps and cloud computing, you could soon trust your smartphone to run your entire life.

Incredibly, according to analyst Gartner, smartphones will soon be able to predict a consumers next move, forecast an upcoming purchase, or interpret actions based on what devices know about their owner's behaviour.

The cloud processing power alongside cloud stored data and handsets' on-board sensors, will give smartphones the ability to make sense of the information they pick up from being our constant companions.

Gartner research vice president Carolina Milanesi has said: "Your phone might spot that there is heavy traffic on your route to work and set your alarm earlier so you don't miss an important meeting; or if the meeting isn't important enough, leave the alarm where it is, and send an apology on your behalf."

Apple Siri and Google Now are the personal assistant apps of the present day, however their capabilities and knowledge of a user's behaviour is somewhat limited.

Milanesi commented: "Over the next five years, the data that is available about us, our likes and dislikes, our environment and relationships will be used by our devices to grow their relevance and ultimately improve our life.

"But how much consumers trust these devices and services with our information will determine how effective they are. Phones will become our secret digital agent, but only if we are willing to provide the information they require."

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