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worm attack chaos fails to strike

The chaos predicted as Conficker updates itself have failed to materialise on April 1st.

Conficker is believed to have infected up to 15 million computers to date. There were grave concerns that the worm would trigger poisoned machines to access personal files, send spam, clog networks or crash sites.

Many of the infected machines are based in Asia where there have been no reports of unusual PC behaviour.

Those monitoring the progress of the worm around the globe said there was no evidence it was doing anything other than modifying itself to be harder to exterminate.

The hackers behind the worm effectively have control of all infected machines but are yet to give any specific orders.

Vincent Weafer, of Symantec said: "We are going to be on high alert for a long time. Come 2 April we will still be watching while most people will have moved their focus elsewhere."

He added: "We believe the software is geared towards making money. The characteristic of this type of worm is to keep it slow and low, keep it under the radar to slowly maximise profits over the long term."

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