Women in Tech Earn 9% Less than Male Counterparts

According to research women in the UK technology industry are paid on average 9% less than their male counterparts.

A study from recruitment firm, Hired, found that the gap in pay between men and women in UK tech was much larger than expected.

Research also found the UK’s gender pay gap in tech was wider than in the US, Australia and Canada.

Data scientist at Hired, Jessica Kirkpatrick, claimed she could not see a reason for the gap, and admitted surprise at finding the UK’s gap was the widest.

She said: “Unfortunately, the UK does have the largest pay gap, followed closely by the US and Canada.“That was surprising, especially because the UK has regulation in place that says men and women should be paid equally. I couldn’t find any reason why this would be true in the UK.” 

Hired carried out its equal pay survey as part of UK’s Equal Pay Day on the 10th November. Equal Pay Day marks the point from which women are effectively working for free throughout the rest of the year, as UK women in all roles earn on average 13.0% less than their male counterpart.

Equal Pay Act was introduced to the UK in 1970 to prevent firms from paying women less than men when performing the same job, however the problem still seems to exist 45 years later.

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