Websites to be Given Classifications

An internet service has been launched which, for the first time works with the BBFC to filter websites based upon a classification system.

The new internet service, Tibboh, will allow parents to filter the websites in the same age bands which are given to films - U, PG, 12, 15 and 18.

The classifications will be given using internet filter technology such as Netsweeper and parents will be able to create different profiles for each member of the family.

However the system will only be available to use via a dongle which costs around £19.99 and has a 15 gigabyte limit.

Tibboh's ratings gives social networks Facebook and Twitter and search engines Google and Bing a "12" rating.

Phil Dawson from Tibboh said "Search engines are great but at the "U" and "PG" level we found so many results and sponsored links that were inappropriate."

News websites such as the BBC, the Telegraph and the Guardian, as well as computer giants Apple and Microsoft have "U" certificated websites, meaning they are suitable for all.

Tibboh said that its filtering technology has already classified around three billion websites.

The company believes that its staggered classification system offers a more personalised internet experience than traditional net filters.

Chief executive Martin Large commented, "What's suitable for a 17 year old is not suitable for an 8 year old."

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