Warning Letters Face Two-Year Delay

The UK government has announced that warning letters for internet users suspected of piracy will not be sent for at least another two years.

The letters, part of the Digital Economy Act (DEA) which was established three years ago, were originally meant to be sent in 2011, but have been hit by several delays and a court case.

Other methods to get to grips with piracy have since been used by the copyright industry, including court orders leading to ISPs blocking file-sharing websites.

The Internet Service Providers' Association (Ispa) was not surprised by the latest hold-up.

A statement read: "The continued delay for the Digital Economy Act again shows, as Ispa argued at the time, that the legislation was rushed through without sufficient scrutiny.

"To most effectively tackle the issue of online copyright infringement, Ispa maintains the content industry needs to continue to innovate to fully embrace the benefits the internet affords through fully-licensed and user-friendly services."

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