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Vodafone Announce Mobile Call Recording Technology

Vodafone is offering a new service which allows them to offer companies the capability to listen in to their employee's phone calls, unless they have an iPhone.

The new system can record everything that is said but the financial companies who are hoping to utilise it claim that they will only monitor "relevant communications".

Although there is available technology to record calls on all smartphones, this requires the consent of the user and the active decision to download the relavant application.

Vodafone Mobile Recording reroutes calls via the company's existing infrastructure so that they may be recorded along with fixed-line calls.

However a program is also needed on handsets to record outgoing calls and the iPhone does not allow for this technology to be installed. For the moment only Blackberry and Symbian handsets allow for the installation of this application.

Vodafone has stated that it is currently working on an iPhone version, but because Apple doesn't allow interception of outgoing calls many commentators are expecting the development of this technology to take quite some time.

New regulations do allow for personal phones not being recorded, but require businesses "to take reasonable steps to prevent employees or contractors from using private communication equipment [for business calls]".

Current predictions from the FSA expect mobile call recording to cost the industry £11m initially, and £18m annually.

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