Virgin Media Recruits Speedy Gonzales Superfast Broadband

Virgin Media has gone all cheesy when it comes to promoting its super-fast broadband.

Today in Covent Garden (that there London), the fibre maestros unveiled an advertising billboard made… entirely of cheese. Ten types of cheese, in fact and you thought traditional advertising stunk.

The billboard was 5m x 4m in size, weighed 110Kg, and took acclaimed "food artist" Prudence Staite over a week to craft with thirteen helpers.

Prudence commented: ""I have been asked to craft many a strange thing in my time, but a cheese billboard certainly takes the biscuit, or should I say cracker!" No, Prudence, you should say water biscuit.

So, by now you're probably wondering exactly what relevance cheese has regarding super-fast broadband? Well, that's all to do with what was depicted on the billboard, our old cartoon friend Speedy Gonzales, the reason for the cheese being that mice love the yellow stuff.

And Speedy is the mascot for Virgin's cable because he's super-fast, like the company's broadband. In fact, he's the fastest mouse in all of Mexico (although we suspect that has little to do with the yellow stuff, and perhaps more to do with the white stuff).

TV ads using Mr Gonzales will be hitting our screens this weekend during The X Factor. Ashley Stockwell, Executive Director of Brand and Marketing for Virgin Media said: "Speedy is the perfect celebrity partner and brings real charm and enthusiasm to our campaign."

"As the fastest broadband provider in all of the UK, delivering real world speeds of 10Mb, 20Mb, 50Mb and soon, 100Mb, it's great to be teaming up with the fastest Looney Tunes character around."

BT has of course recently announced its own 110Mbps fibre plans just to try and outdo Virgin, although that won't start rolling out until March 2011.

So, what did they do with that massive cheese sculpture billboard thing after the press event? One mega fondue party was organised, perhaps.

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