Conficker infects 50,000 more PCs every day

Conficker worm continues to infect systems at a high rate of 50,000 computers per day - these include the PCs of many in Fortune 1000 top US companies.

Symantec supplied the research which reported that the US, Brazil and India have been hit the hardest.

In a blog post they said: "Much of the media hype seems to have died down around Conficker/Downadup, but it is still out there spreading far and wide," Symantec said in a blog post.

Conficker started to spread late last year and took advantage of a recently patched flaw in Microsoft's Windows operating system to infect entire networks. Now it can use removable storage devices to hop from PC to PC. Security experts say it has now infected millions of computers worldwide, which now comprise the world's biggest botnet network.

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