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Urban Broadband Speeds Three Times Higher Than Rural

According to statistics from telecoms regulator Ofcom the disparity between average broadband speeds available in the UK’s rural areas compared to towns and cities remains as far apart as ever.

Research conducted by Ofcom last November revealed average download speeds in rural areas came in at 50.5Mbps, almost four times higher than those in rural areas, which hit only 13.7Mbps.

The main reasons for this were thought to be the lower availablity of fibre-based and cable-based broadband services in rural areas and a prevelance of slower asymetric digital subsciber lines still in use.

Ofcom said that as a result of this the proportion of fixed broadband connections receiving an average actual speed of 10Mbps or higher in November 2015 was 69% in urban areas but 25% in rural ones.

In order to come up with the figures Ofcom worked with broadband research and testing specialists SamKnows, gathering data from a residential panel of 2,000 volunteers running tests on various metrics.

Overall average speeds had risen to 28.9Mbps in November 2015, up 27% compared with November 2014. 61% of fixed connections obtained an average speed of 10Mbps or higher and 38% obtained average speeds of 30Mbps.

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