Apple tablet underwhelms Brits

UK consumers will look to price first and foremost before investing in Apple's anticipated tablet device.

The long rumoured Apple tablet is expected to be unveiled today, Wednesday 27 January, at a special event to be held at the Yerba Buena Center for the Arts in San Francisco.

According to a survey from shopping site, 54 per cent of UK consumers would consider buying the Apple tablet. However, 25 per cent would only buy it it if the price was right. 46 per cent indicated that they would only be prepared to spend £250 on the Apple, a figure unlikely to find favour with Apple.

Web browsing was the most popular use for the Apple tablet highlighted by those surveyed followed by the ability to download and read books, magazines and newspapers on the go.

Third was the option to download and view movies on a high resolution screen, fourth was the ability to download, manage and play music. A writing slate that converts handwriting to text came in at fifth in the survey.

As for reading on the tablet, books came in most popular with 54 per cent, newspapers with 48 per cent, work or study documents with 26 per cent, blogs with 20 per cent and adult material with 7 per cent.

As regards paying for newspapers and magazines, the survey found 35 per cent unwilling to pay anything, 17 per cent willing to pay less than a £1, with 12 per cent willing to pay a £1, 16 per cent willing to pay £2, and just 5 per cent willing to pay £3 or more.

The survey of 3,000 consumers also found 49 per cent of gamers likely to buy the tablet rather than the Nintendo DS or Sony PSP. Many reports in recent weeks have highlighted the gaming potential of any forthcoming Apple tablet.

The iTablet with 27 per cent, iPad with 25 per cent and iSlate with 12 per cent proved the most popular names amongst UK consumers.

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