UK Top for Broadband Speed

According to a report the UK has hit an all-time high for broadband speed in the UK.

In the first quarter of this year the UK clocked the fastest average connection speed in the world at 27.9Mbps.

This speed outpaced some of the most advanced mobile markets in the world, including South Korea and Singapore.

Compared with other European countries the UK came in a great deal ahead of its closest competitors in the rankings of cloud services provider Akamai.

The statistics from Akamai contradict those produced in a recent report issued by consumer organisation Which? using data collected by mobile network testing app developer OpenSignal.

The report found average UK download speeds ranged from just under 12Mbps to around 19Mbps depending on which network the user was accessing.

Globally the average connection speed was up 23% to 6.3Mbps, while average speed connection rose 14% over the same period to 34Mbps.David Belson, report editor, said that he expected higher connection speeds worldwide to be put to the test over the next few months.

He said: “Live sports will be at the forefront this summer as we prepare for the Games in Brazil, with expectations that this year’s events will be watched by more online viewers than ever.

“Global connection speeds have more than doubled since the summer of 2012, which can help support higher-quality video streaming for bigger audiences across even more connected devices and platforms."

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