UK Prime Target for Cyber Attacks

According to a report, the UK has been the greatest target of advanced cyber attacks in Europe, the Middle East and Africa.

Germany was the second most targeted country in the Emea region followed by Saudi Arabia, Turkey and Switzerland.

France, Sweden and Spain were at the lower end of the ranking.

The last cyber threat report by security firm FireEye stated that the UK was targeted by 17% of all advanced persistent attacks across three regions from January to June.

APTs refer to cyber attacks in which unauthorised parties gain access to a network and stay there undetected for a long time.

APT attacks typically involve complex malware designed to steal data from organisations in sectors with high-value information such as national defence, manufacturing and finance.

The report said: "Motivated by numerous objectives, threat actors are evolving the level of sophistication to steal personal data and business strategies, gain a competitive advantage or degrade operational reliability."

The data from the report was drawn from anonymous customers using FireEye's threat prevention platform, which is designed to provide real-time dynamic threat protection without the use of signatures.

The data showed the number of unique infections associated specifically with targeted attacks nearly doubled in the Emea region in the first half of 2014.

Richard Turner, region vice-president at FireEye said: "Advanced attacks are the new reality for business and government.

"By preparing an effective defensive strategy, organisations can avoid the risk of sitting on the sidelines as their data and intellectual property find their way to competitors, adversaries or hacktivists."

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