UK Only Average in terms of Digital Public Services

Improvements must be made in order for the UK government to become a digital public services leader

The UK government has the innovation skills to become a digital public services leader, but improvements must be made in order to reach this goal.

According to a benchmark of eGovernment services across Europe, with an overall digital services score of 59%, the UK was some way behind Germany (76%), Spain (76%), Italy (64%) and France (63%).

The report found that the UK could benefit from its innovation leadership if it adopts the right identification technology and uses authenticated sources of information that can be re-used across the public sector.

The eGovernment benchmark study from Capgemini surveyed over 10,000 websites across the EU countries and measured the digital service quantity and quality for: starting a business, losing and finding a job, studying and family life.

Principal consultant at Capgemini Consulting, Neils Van Der Linden, said: “The UK is undoubtedly a leader in terms of digital innovation and the design of user-centric services, so it might seem surprising that this year’s eGov Benchmark shows it slightly falling behind the group of the biggest European economies in terms of digitising its services.

“The UK has developed a number of very smart digital initiatives, and is now working hard to implement these solutions across its entire public sector. The challenge for the UK in climbing up the ranks is to increase the availability of key enablers such as electronic identification and [authenticated sources of information so data can be reused], where other countries have already made steps forward.”

The UK government’s verify platform is one attempt to identify people across government services. But recent uptake figures show only 15 digital services use Verify, with an average of only 46% of people using those services being able to successfully create a verified identity.

The report did find that the UK is doing well when it comes to making services mobile friendly, with a score of 91% compared with a European average of 54%.  

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