UK National Cyber Crime Unit Open to Businesses

The UK's National Cyber Crime Unit is now open to businesses and other organisations in the private sector.

Deputy Director of the UK's National Cyber Crime Unit, Andy Archibald said: "Business is welcome to contact us directly about dynamic, fast-moving cybercrime in action, and we will work with them to ensure they get the most appropriate response."

According to reports, the NCCU sees a more defined and developed relationship with private sector businesses as crucial - not only to identify crimes but also to tap into specialist skills.

Andy Archibald added: "We need to be able to go to organisations in the private sector and ask to work with people with the skills we need in some of our investigations.

"Industry can bring things to the table that we may not be aware of, and we will work with the private sector within the law if the solution to an operation is something the private sector can take the lead on."

The NCCU regards malware development and deployment as one of the greatest threats, and has made it one of its top priorities.

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