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Sarah UKFast | Account Manager

UK Leading in Using Red Team Cybersecurity Testing

Red team testing is becoming an essential tool to find out just how susceptible organisations are to a cyber attack.

As cyber attacks make the internet an increasingly hostile environment for all organisations relying on the internet, red teaming is likely to become a common element of cyber defence efforts.

In 2015, the UK finance industry launched the CBest threat intelligence-led cyber resilience testing framework, which embodies the red teaming approach.

CBest is designed to find out how susceptible the big operators in the UK financial services sector are to highly advanced attackers like national state attackers, organised crime hackers and national state sponsored attackers.

Since 2015, regulators in the financial hubs of Hong Kong, Singapore, Europe and the US have looked at this with a lot of interest.

The value in red teaming is that it launches simulated attacks using the same tactics, techniques and procedures used by real-world cyber attackers to see how resilient organisations really are.

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