UK Businesses and Police Improving at Cyber Capabilities

According to the deputy head of the Met Police's Falcon Unit, UK businesses and police are getting better at building cyber capabilities.

Detective chief inspector Andrew Gould told the European Information Security Summit that many are still not giving incident response enough time.

He said: "Either having no incident response plan or having a plan that is not tried and tested is a key vulnerability in many businesses, although that is changing."

Gould admitted that the police cyber crime fighting capability has also struggled to keep pace with the rate at which traditional crime, such as fraud, is moving online.

"But that is why Falcon was set up 18 months ago," he said, with the unit marking its first big successful operation after just six months.

"We made 25 arrests and have already recovered £40m of the estimated £90m stolen by organised crime families working together to trick people into revealing their online banking credentials."

Gould admitted there is still much more to be done with the police to improve their capabilities to deal with cybercrime but said the operation was a good "first effort".

Since it was established in August 2014 Gould said Falcon has recorded more than 1,000 arrests with a 25% charge and conviction rate.

Gould added that the next substantial milestone will be to set up a 24 hour response centre for businesses targeted by cybercrime.

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