Twitter to Introduce Promoted Tweets

Twitter has today unveiled plans to let advertisers pay for Tweets to appear in search results.

The social networking site has launched the new business model of "promoted tweets" which will appear when users search the site.

The system has many similarities to the Google alternative, which serves adverts against search results.

On the Twitter site, users will see sponsored tweets at the top of some search pages, which will be clearly labelled "Promoted" to distinguish paid-for tweets from normal ones.

Adverts will also begin to appear on the site's home and will be tailored to the user's interests, determined by the messages they publish and receive.

Twitter says it has already signed up many big name brands such as: Starbucks, Sony Pictures, Red Bull, Bravo, Virgin America and the US retailer Best Buy.

The company's founder, Biz Stone has said that the promoted Tweets will have to generate some interest otherwise the feature will be removed. "Although our services extend beyond the web, Twitter ranks as one of the most popular sites on the internet. Over the years, we've resisted introducing a traditional web advertising model because we wanted to optimise for value before profit," Stone stated.

However Eden Zoller from industry analyst Ovum thinks that the Tweets may irritate users. "The flip side of Twitter's immediacy is that if advertising messages are not very carefully positioned, users can hit back at brands and in real time, and brands will have little control over this."

With this news following so quickly after Twitters announcement that they will be buying third party application "Tweetie", many are speculating that this marks the beginning of a more aggressive business practice for the company.

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