Londoners Poll Against Underground Network

London commuters poll against a London Tube Mobile Network, after reports claimed that Huawei is on the verge of inking a deal to provide and subsidise the necessary telecoms equipment to be installed on the London underground, in order to create a mobile network for tube passengers, all part of Boris Johnson's big push for improved mobile communications in the capital before the Olympics arrives.

It seems that while good old bicycling Boris might be up for these plans, the citizens of London aren't so keen. Or at least the 1,100 city dwellers polled by weren't, a report on Mobile News points out.

Of these people opposing the deal, 76 per cent said they don't want a mobile network on the underground. As to what reasons they gave as to why they were against the scheme, a third admitted it was due to worries about the potential increase in muggings on the trains.

One in six naysayers said that the move would likely increase their monthly mobile bill, and were against it for this reason.

A similar amount of folks were in opposition due to the fact that the underground is currently blissfully free of Dom Joly type berks barking at top volume into their mobile phones about what station they're at and what's for dinner.

The Founder of, Marc Owen, was apparently surprised by the results. He said: "There are obviously risks with having increased usage of mobile phones on the tube, but these are things that can be sorted."

"Having an underground mobile phone network is the next logical step, following in the footsteps of Paris and Hong Kong, who have had no major problems."

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