Transport Sector Must Use Technology Advancements

To make advancements in innovative technologies, the transport sector needs to work together.

Aerospace, maritime, rail and automotive companies could all benefit from collaborating and sharing rather than keeping innovative ideas to themselves in a competitive strategy.

Andrew Everett, chief strategy officer at the Transport Systems Catapult said: "Collaboration drives a sum that's bigger than the parts.

"It's an opportunity to make the pie bigger for everyone."

Everett spoke at the Innovate UK 2014 event on the 5th November and said that there seems to be a fear of sharing knowledge with others in general.

He admitted there was a big barrier, however pointed out that examples and case studies could be used to help overcome this fear by demonstrating that everyone can benefit.

Chief operating officer at the Aerospace Technology Institute Ruth Mallors-Ray said the challenge is around certification and regulation.

She said: "It would be great to inform them along the way. It's a huge hurdle if we're different - but we're just not that different."

John Murray, chief executive of the Society of Maritime Industries said it would be ideal to take each industry's roadmap and see where their technologies cross over.

He said a report is being prepared to encourage the government to get involved in bringing sectors including energy and construction together, not just the transport sector.

Murray added: "Pooling all these apparently diverse sectors to a technical area will bring huge benefits to the UK.

"I hope government will pick it up and be prepared to invest in it."

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