Traditional Security Putting UK Businesses at Risk

A study has shown that traditional approaches to security that focus solely on disparate technology fixes for external threats are exposing UK businesses to heightened risk of attack.

The survey found that employee behaviour is a weak link that is commonly overlooked, that companies lack the ability to anticipate and detect intrusions, and that security policies tend to inhibit innovation.

The study of over 1,000 UK employees revealed that 39% of employees expect their company to take care of data security in the workplace, with just 54% believing it is their responsibility to keep their data safe.

The survey also revealed that while 61% of employees thought their company had a security policy, a further 15% didn't know they had a security policy and 48% felt the policy wasn't relevant to them.

The findings revealed that employees across the UK are increasingly viewing IT as a barrier rather than an enabler for business.

Terry Greer-King, cyber security director for Cisco in the UK and Ireland said: "While most employees recognise the threat from cyber criminals is real and worthy of continuous defence, the survey also shows that employee complacency is increasing the risks for UK businesses."

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