Tories Promise Superfast Broadband

Tories try to outdo competitors by promising broadband speeds of up to 100mpbs in their technology manifesto. The Conservatives have launched the technology manifesto to coincide with the digital economy bill which is currently passing through parliament. The manifesto proposes improved broadband speeds as well as easier access to government information including contracts and public sector salaries. Labour recently revealed its aim for universal broadband access of 2Mbps by 2012. However the Conservatives are keen to better this by offering a broadband access at 5 times this speed to most, but not all UK citizens. The Tories plan to "unleash private sector investment to build this superfast broadband network by opening up network infrastructure, easing planning rules and boosting competition". This approach is in direct contrast with the proposed 50p per month charge to all proposed by Labour. However, the Tories have also stated that should private sector investment fail to achieve the desired target they would consider taking some of the licence fee settlement from the BBC which is currently dedicated to the digital switchover. The party has looked to Singapore and Korea in defence of this policy, as both countries have successfully deployed similar strategies. However criticisms have been levelled at this justification due to the difference in population density between these nations and the UK. Test your site speed now

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