The Micro-Bit to Inspire a Million

Last May the BBC unveiled a plan to give a million children a device to inspire them to take up coding.

The Micro Bit is now in the hands of many year seven pupils around the UK who have been informed it is theirs to take home.

Claims have been made for how this project can change the way children learn about and engage with technology and it is now thought to be up to teachers to make that happen.

Microsoft engineer, Steve Hodges, was closely involved in the design of the device.

He said: "We built a small, low-power 'embedded' device, which actually needs a regular computer to program it. In a world of wearable devices, connected gadgets and the 'internet of things' the Micro Bit is both relevant and yet unusual - just like the BBC Micro was 35 years ago.”

There is talk of the Micro Bit turning into a commercial product and, given the level of interest, it may be a possibility, where schools will decide whether or not to buy more of the devices.

The BBC hopes to open a new generation’s eyes to the creative potential of computing with its Micro Bit.

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