The head of a Californian-based network and enterprise secu

collaborative security platforms will enable developers to focus on innovation.

The head of  a Californian-based network and enterprise security company has said collaborative security platforms will enable developers to focus on innovation.

Mark McLaughlin, president and CEO of Palo Alto Networks, said security platforms with open application programming interfaces are “set to turn the information security business model on its head”.

He said: “We need a new model that will drive more innovation, value and encourage sharing of threat intelligence in highly automated ways, enable things to happen faster with less human intervention, be easier to deploy and have a lot more flexibility in the usage and consumption options.”

McLaughlin added that this new type of security platform would have to include sensors to retrieve the data and the ability to be able to hold and consume a lot of data.

It would also have to include machine learning and analytics and will have to be open from an API perspective.

He predicts that once such security platforms are a reality, developers will be able to write for them without having to do all the data collection, storage, integration and analysis themselves, which is likely to lead to an increase in innovation.

McLaughlin said: “This means users will be able to turn on or turn off hundreds of capabilities from hundreds of suppliers as and when they need to and only when they find value in it by using software as a service [SaaS] consumption models.

“If we get to what I am talking about, probably the main measure of success will be that instead of people saying I have 90 different suppliers and I have to figure out what to do with all that from a complexity, consumption and cost perspective, those same people will be saying I have 400 security suppliers and I am fine with that.”

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