Tech to Help Cyclists Stay Safe

Tech to help keep cyclists safe on the road has been unveiled at CES.

Smart pedals that warn when a bike is stolen and helmets for cyclists that spot an imminent crash were two examples of tech that can keep cyclists safe on the roads.

The prototype helmet was created by Volvo to warn a vehicle when it has become too close to a cyclist. The helmet also lets cyclists know if they are in a vehicle's blind spot so they can take action to avoid an accident.

The helmet works with popular smartphone fitness monitoring apps that track the speed and location of a cyclist. This information is then shared with any Volvos in the area that have the firm's City Safety system installed in their vehicle.

The app alerts drivers that there is a cyclist nearby and the system calculates potential trajectories of both the cyclist and car, and warns if a collision is imminent. The system can also take control of a car's brakes if it gets too close to a cyclist.

Spokesman for Volvo, Klas Bendick said the system's ability to warn if a collision is imminent could help save lives as accident data suggests that 50% of all cyclists killed on the roads collided with a car.

He added: "By exploring cloud-based safety systems, we are now getting ever closer to eliminating the remaining blind spots between cars and cyclists and by that avoid collisions."

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