Retail Sector Hit Hardest by Targeted Cyber Attacks

A symantec Study has revealed that targeted cyber attacks have increased significantly in the past five years.

These attacks have have climbed up from one or two a week in 2005 to 77 attacks a day in the past month alone.

The latest report from Symantecs' MessageLabs Intelligence identified the retail sector as the hardest hit industry in targeted attacks, increasing from a steady monthly average of 0.5 per cent of all attacks over the past two years to 25 per cent in October, when one in 1.26 million e-mails was linked to a targeted attack.

Paul Wood, senior analyst at MessageLabs Intelligence commented, "targeted e-mails are typically in low volume, they are one of the most damaging types of malicious attacks.

He addded, "we have seen a constant influx of targeted attacks over the past six months with the type of organisation targeted changing on a monthly basis and the number of targeted users increasing each month."

Although the number of unique attack exploits being organised has diminished slightly, said Wood, the number of attacks used by each exploit has increased.

In October, the number of targeted attacks aimed at businesses in the retail sector rose considerably higher than average of one in 1.26 million, increasing the likelihood of an attack by a factor of almost 6.3 times.

The number of attacks against the retail sector also jumped to 516 in the past month, compared with just seven attacks a month for much of 2010.

"The spear phishing attacks, launched in three waves each one week apart, used social engineering techniques to distribute legitimate-looking e-mails with malicious attachments that appeared to be from HR and IT staff of the targeted organisation," said Wood.

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