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Sarah UKFast | Account Manager

spam volume back to McColo levels: McAfee

The levels of spam in May 2009 have risen to the amount seen before McColo's shutdown in November says computer security provider McAfee. Levels have risen nine percent compared to May last year. "Users beware: you may see less spam in your inbox due to better spam filters, but don't let your guard down," McAfee Avert Labs researcher Adam Wosotowsky said in a statement. "More people are falling victim as clever spammers hijack popular brands to trick users into divulging sensitive information or opening up their computers to attack." Despite the McColo setback, spam has been catching up to its previous levels. However, the annual spike in spam that usually happens in March did not happen until April this year. Between April 1 and 8, global spam volumes nearly doubled - from a three month-low to a four-month high. McAfee has warned users that spam is growing more sophisticated to use phishing techniques such as using trusted brand names, and pulling images and topics from the headlines to make the messages seem legitimate. They said the top spam headline for May was swine flu, accounting for three percent of global spam in that month. See how you can protect your business from spam with UKFast and PROprotection.

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