Social Networking to Play Large Role in Recruitment

New research conducted by Executives Online the fast track headhunting company, reveals that although social networking sites are a damp squib when it comes to recruitment, they are being foreseen as a valuable tool in the future. A survey of 1,264 senior executives disclosed that only 4 per cent of them have actually hired someone via a social networking site.

Perhaps surprisingly, respondents remained positive about how useful these types of sites might be to the recruitment process in the future. This is because social networking sites provide a ready made database of potential talent which is currently growing exponentially - however the pool has to be relevant in order to be helpful. It is not surprising therefore that Executives Online's latest survey shows LinkedIn as the front runner, by some margin.

Social networking websites are expected to become part of the toolbox of methods of hiring and researching business opportunities. On a professional level, LinkedIn is seen by the executives surveyed to have far greater value in the recruitment realm than any other social networking site.

Anne Beitel, Managing Director of Executives Online says "Whether used as a screening tool, a directional tool or a cautionary tool, social networking sites are here in the recruitment industry to stay."

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