Smartwatches Open to Cyber Attack

According to US tech giant Hewlett Packard, the best-selling smartwatches on the market are all bugged with security problems.

The company tested 10 wearables for security features, including password protection and data encryption and found all the watches had at least one area of concern.

A security expert said manufacturers need to pay close attention to customer security.

Security specialist at online security firm ESET, Mark James, said manufacturers need to pay close attention to customer security.

He added: "Keeping up with other manufacturers to be a forerunner in this technology field may force products to be released without the necessary attention to how secure they actually are."

HP said it had tested 10 of the "top" smartwatches for security features recommended by the Open Web Application Security Project, which aims to set standards for internet connected devices. It found that only half of the watches had a lock function to prevent people other than the owner accessing the data stored on it.

It also found that nine out of the ten watches sent some data unencrypted, which could be intercepted, and a third of the watches allowed unlimited login attempts which could help attackers guess passwords.

In its report HP said: "The results of our research were disappointing, but not surprising."

HP added that it would not reveal which watches it had tested but did say it was working with manufacturers to "build security into their products before they put them out to market".

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