Security Experts Confirm Flame and Stuxnet Link

A link between recently discovered superworm Flame and infamous computer worm Stuxnet has been confirmed by the security experts examining it.

"What we have found is very strong evidence that Stuxnet/Duqu and Flame cyber-weapons are connected," said Kaspersky, the security firm that discovered the threat.

They revealed that there is evidence to suggest that the creators of both worms cooperated with each other "at least once" during the software's development. This is highlighted in the obvious source code crossovers between Duqu, Stuxnet and Flame.

"The list includes the names of mutually exclusive objects, the algorithm used to decrypt strings, and the similar approaches to file naming," Kaspersky said.

The sophistication of the malware has led to speculation that it was engineered by a nation-state. The purpose of the virus is not for financial gain and is a different style of tool to the simple techniques used by hacktivists so is even less likely to have been created by 'everyday' cybercriminals.

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