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Samsung Unveils New Iris-scanning Smartphone

Samsung has launched its new Galaxy Note 7, complete with iris scanner.

Owners of the smartphone will be able to unlock their devices with their eyes.

The technology manufacturer has built on its fingerprint scanner – now an accepted form of identity verification – with the iris sensor, going one step further in its security offering.

The latest development was unveiled at Galaxy Note 7 launch parties in London, New York and Rio.The Galaxy Note 7 follows on from previous 5 model – it is an integration of the defining big-screen of the Note and the features of Samsung’s other extremely popular S7 range.

The Note was the first smartphone on the market to debut the large screen now known as the phablet. Now, manufacturers across the board produce devices with similarly broad screens.

Many are lauding the Note 7 the most secure phone Samsung – if not any smartphone manufacturer – has developed. This is due mostly to the fact that it supplements the well-known fingerprint sensor with revolutionary iris recognition technology.

The sensor works even when users are wearing glasses or contact lenses. Users press the ‘Home’ button and position their eyes in two adjacent grey circles that appear on the screen. In less than a second, the sensor registers iris information and decides whether to unlock the phone or not.

This feature could potentially put Samsung at the front of a market typically dominated by the iPhone: according to the company, some organisations – such as banks – are looking to incorporate iris recognition into their phone applications. With the capability readily available on the Galaxy Note 7, it’s an attractive option for users and businesses.

As well as the innovative iris recognition software, the Note 7 has an inbuilt stylus, called the S Pen. Dustproof and hyper-sensitive, it even works when the screen and stylus are wet.

The phone boasts numerous other features, including an updated user interface, a bigger battery, more advanced cameras and a range of three colours.

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