New Screen Technology Saves Power And Looks Flash

Samsung has been parading it's new transparent LCD screen that will be out in the next 18 months.

The 46in screen is semi-transparent, which means it can be used for point of display windows and as a collaborative workscreen. Samsung has just started sampling the new screens and they will begin production next year.

"The technology isn't more expensive than existing screens, indeed the lack of components will bring the cost down," Scott Birnbaum, vice president of Samsung's LCD business, told

"It gives huge power savings because you don't need a backlight. You can take advantage of ambient light that's in the surroundings."

He added, " technically there's no reason why Samsung couldn't produce panels the size of a double bed, but practically, both for operation and distribution, the 46in screen worked best. However, because the panels were so thin they could be run together in modular form for bigger displays.

In addition, he said, touch-screen technology has already been integrated into the screens in trials and works well.

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