Sales Assistants Need Data Protection Coaching

According to the luxury retail store Furla, sales assistants in stores must be coached on how to collect data from customers.

Many retailers are relying on loyalty schemes to ensure an ongoing relationship with customers; which ultimately makes it increasingly vital for employees to understand how to deal with customers when collecting their data.

A representative from Furla said: "It's important to train the sales associate because they not only have to create the desire to buy something or listen to requests, but they need to be able to propose questions in a trustful way as people are very wary when it comes to personal data."

The Furla representative believes the future of retail needs to include a mixture of both bricks and mortar, and an online presence in order to be successful.

He said: "I strongly believe the bricks-and-mortar locations are very important and they need to be balanced with technology.

"Bricks-and-mortar stores are very important because you engage the customer," says the spokesperson. "The customer can tell you what they want and what they like, as well as ask for information. It's very important to establish this kind of relationship."

Furla has recently undergone a process to upgrade its in-store point of sale systems to improve the data management of the customer's journey.

The firm's spokesperson said: "We usually collect the name, last name and where they live, and we are able to link all of the information to previous purchases and the time these happened."

"Because the customer is the focus of our business, this is going to drive the organisation upstream."

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