Rush to Develop Applications Market

After two months of frenzied coding, this weekend marked the deadline for developers to submit apps for the new apple iPad.

The development process for new applications has very much been a land-grab, with many predicting an early presence in this new market as a large contributory factor in future success.

Compared to the 150,000 applications available for the iPhone, the iPad will see only around 1000 present on its launch in early April.

Owners of the iPad can import apps from their iPhones and apply a programme designed to double pixels and therefore improve picture quality for the bigger screen. However early reports have not looked promising.

Marco Arment, the developer of Instapaper (a popular iPhone app) was unhappy with how his application looked when he tried to double the pixels for use with the new tablet.

"It sucked," he said. "It was completely unusable by my standards. I don't think I'll want to run any pixel-doubled apps on my iPad in practice."

However the scramble is not over now that the date for application for submissions has passed. Media groups also have to address how their websites will work with the iPad, as the popular Adobe Flash play is incompatible with the new tablet.

David Mendels, president of Brightcove, a video platform for publishers, described the chaos surrounding reformatting their videos for the iPad launch.

"We're talking to hundreds of major publishers and there's definitely a scramble," he said. "People are asking: how is my website going to work when the iPad ships?"

"There's a lot of excitement about the iPad, but a lot of stress surrounding it as well."

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