Roads in Essex and Wales Have Slowest Broadband Speeds

According to a report, two roads in Essex and Wales have been found to have the slowest broadband speeds in the UK.

Wheatly Road in Standford-Le-Hope, Essex and Erw Fawr in Henryd, North Wales both had an average download speed of 0.60 megabits per second; slower than the UK national average. According to reports, Loundes Road Derbyshire had the fastest speed.

According to research, people living on these particular streets in Essex and Wales would have to wait more than 15 hours to download a HD quality film, whereas those living on Loundes Road in Derbyshire could download the film in less than 10 minutes.

In response to the report carried out by Ofcom, a spokeswoman said: "Ofcom's own research shows growth in superfast broadband and a rise in average speeds which is testament to the investment in the sector. But the benefits are not shared evenly across the UK.

"There is more work needed to deliver wider availability of broadband and superfast broadband, particularly in rural communities but also in some locations within cities to enable wider access to fast internet."

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