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Mindflex - First Game Powered By Brainwaves

A game has today been launched which allows players to move a ball through an obstacle course with just the use of thought.

The competitors wear a headset which is able to measure brain activities and translate this to movement within the game.

The strength of the players brainwaves, will depend upon the power of a fan which will in turn be used to levitate a ball and allow it to be moved through the course.

The new game from Mattel was launched at the gadget show in London on Wednesday and has been named "Mindflex".

A spokesperson from the company stated: ''Players' brainwaves are effectively used to power the fan which controls the ball. The more a person concentrates the stronger the air flow and similarly the more someone relaxes the less the fan will blow.

''The game demands incredible mental strength and control.''

The game has 5 different levels of difficulty and allows players to compete one on one, to make it around the course in the fastest time.

"Mindflex" is due to go on sale in the UK this summer and is expected to cost around £80.

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