Retailers Must Plan for Online Peaks and Troughs

During the Christmas period, over a third of British online shoppers experienced problems with their orders.

According to a study by YouGov, 49% of shoppers suffered from missed deliveries and 45% experienced late deliveries or didn't receive any goods at all.

The research highlights the need for retailers to up their game when it comes to customer fulfilment. Retailers also need to understand that buying online is now a major part of consumer habit and must plan for new opportunities that online shopping brings.

Retail strategy director at supply chain software company JDA Jason Shorrock partnered with YouGov to conduct the report, and believes the increase in online orders over Christmas was all about convenience.

He said: "Customers found it more convenient to order online than battling on the high street, finding somewhere to park and fighting around the shops.

"So retailers have to expect this trend to grow and must invest in excellent services around it."

Senior research analyst for Europe at IDC Retail Insights, Miya Knights believes retailers simply didn't get their planning and forecasting right last year.

She said: "Such crucial processes need to factor in continued year-on-year growth of consumer mobile and wireless technology adoption.

"Demand and capacities are likely to keep increasing exponentially for the foreseeable future, and will have a knock-on effect on seasonal buying peaks and troughs, as well as on consumer shopping habits and cadences as a result of the introduction of promotions like Black Friday."

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