Researchers Set Up Privacy and Security Partnership for Open

Dropbox, Google and The Open Technology Fund have joined forces to make open source security tools easier to use.

The mission statement of the joint venture is to help develop security and privacy tools that make the choice of online security tools "clear, easy and available to everyone".

The project, dubbed Simply Secure, aims to achieve this by bringing together developers, designers and users to ensure simple, daily tasks can be made private, without increasing their complexity. They are the latest industry-supported initiative aimed at improving online security and privacy.

Simply Secure said: "The need to overcome this challenge is particularly clear in the wake of events like the recent celebrity photo leak and the Snowden revelations."

A Fido Alliance of technology firms - including PayPal and Lenovo - is working to find viable alternatives to passwords to help users to authenticate themselves with online services.

The security industry has recognised that passwords are becoming increasingly insecure, as they become more and more complex and difficult to remember.

Led by director Sara Sinclair Brody, Simply Secure will work with the open source community to develop tools that make it easy for non-technical people to pick better security solutions.

She said: "This transparent, community-focused approach is new, and represents a compelling adaptation of the open source model to interaction design."

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