Apple Music Policies Under Fire From Regulators

US regulators have announced that they will be turning their attention to Apple's music policies.

The US Justice Department has revealed today that it will be investigating Apple's music policy on the popular iTunes music store.

In information leaked to the New York Times today from unnamed officials, it has become clear that the investigation will focus on the way in which Apple have dealt with record labels involved in the iTunes service.

There have been allegations that Apple has threatened to punish companies who agreed deals with rival online music supplier Billboard magazine has claimed that Apple has threatened to release MP3s sooner than agreed, if the relevant record company signs a rival deal.

Industry experts have speculated that this investigation could cause even more anti-trust issues for Apple although the company is already facing problems with its iPad development program.

These problems include the way in which Apple dealt with the recent leaked iPhone prototype as well as its strict management of the iPhone operating system.

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