Referendum Campaign Marks 100 Day Milestone

It's only 100 days until the big decision for Scotland, and both sides in the Scottish Independence debate are marking the milestone.

The referendum will be held on the 18th September, where voters will be asked the Yes/No question: "Should Scotland be an independent country?"

Opinion polls have shown that the "no" campaign is still ahead in the race, although the "yes" campaign is gradually catching up.

First Minister, Peter Salmond believes 100 days is plenty of time for the gap to be overturned.

He said: "If you average all the polls then I think we need a 6% swing. In the months before the last Scottish elections we got a 16% swing in this sort of timescale.

"Yes we have got enough time - it is not the time that is the issue. It is winning the arguments, winning the discussion.

"The key argument to winning is not just Scotland being more prosperous, but a better and a more equal society using the natural resources and human resources of the country. If we win that argument, we win the referendum."

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