Ransomware Expected to Dominate in 2017

Experts have predicted that ransomware or malware will make up the majority of cyber attacks in 2017.

Experts have predicted that ransomware or malware will make up the majority of cyber attacks in 2017. 

Cyber attacks that exploit weaknesses in mobile devices and devices that make up the Internet of things (IoT) including Distributed Denial of Service attacks (DDoS) are also expected to continue from last year.

Ransomware in the form of encryption Trojans grew rapidly in popularity throughout 2016, and these attacks are expected to use other more traditional attacks based on data thefts in 2017.

Researchers at Panda Security said the primary motivation of cyber criminals is the pursuit of profit, with ransomware being the most effective way to achieve this.

Security experts at SecureWorks said that not only is the number of ransomware attacks likely to increase, but the malware involved is likely to become more sophisticated.

Security researcher at the company, Alexander Hanel, said: “Though most ransomware attacks are not targeted, it is likely there will be an uptick in targeted attacks in 2017.

“Compromising corporate environments through targeted attacks allows the attackers to request more money than they would receive from a typical user. That makes enterprise targets more attractive.

“The proliferation of ransomware families and the success attackers have had in compromising systems makes it highly likely these types of attacks will continue in 2017.”

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