1 in 4 UK Households to Have 3D TV by 2014

Experts have today predicted that in four years time, one in every four UK households will have a 3D television.

Although the first 3D TV has yet to go on sale, Tom Morrod of Screen Digest estimates that 22 per cent of all the TV's sold worldwide by 2014 will be 3D sets.

He said that the increasing popularity of 3D blockbusters in the cinemas will push up the demand for a similar 3D experience in the home.

He argues, "If you told people a year ago that they had to shell out extra for a 3D TV it just wouldn't happen. Audiences are being blown away by 3D in the cinema and want the same experience at home."

It is also expected that sports fans will increase the popularity of the 3D TV set. Fans will already be able to watch this summer's Fifa World Cup live in 3D at special public screens in several cities around the world, including London.

The ability to feel closer to the action seems to be particularly powerful when it means bringing you closer to your favorite team.

Although Sky has launched a limited 3D channel for the Premier League clash on Saturday for viewing in around 1,000 pubs, questions have been raised about their ability to roll this out nationally. This possibility seems even less likely after the shock exit of Gerry O'Sullivan, director of strategic product development and figurehead of 3D technology.

The first 3D TV sets are expected to become available in shops from next month.

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