HMIC Back Down Over Domain Name Battle

HM Inspectorate of Constabulary (HMIC) has today backed down over an ongoing domain name battle.

Entrepreneurs behind the independent police feedback service "" were outraged at the HMICs suggestion attempt to take over the domain name in early March.

Lauren Currie, Director of the impartial website stated: "We are in an extremely narrow market, and it is incredibly likely that confusion would arise if they continue to use our name, Mypolice. It is extremely unprofessional to view all our channels and move forward with the name mypolice. If HMIC launch as Mypolice, they will run the risk of confusing the public to think they are an independent company, which they are not."

Officials at HMIC have agreed to give up any claims to this domain name and any similar, claiming on their website: "They asked that we stop marketing '' as a redirect page, since the public might confuse this with their service. We agreed, and now only refer to We also agreed not to renew our ownership of any of the 'mypolice' domains. This will give them the opportunity to buy and use them when they get their service up and running.

"To ensure the public gets the benefits of both services with no chance of confusion, we will change the name of the 'my police' pages on our website. We are currently consulting on the best option, and will announce the results in the next week."

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