Passwords Still a Big Issue in Tech Industry

A panel of technology representatives have expressed their concern over the use of passwords in the tech industry.

Google Germany public policy manager, Sandro Gainella, said: "We need to move away from passwords, and this is something the whole industry can rally around to drive things forward."

The panel told the ISSE 2015 security conference in Berlin that a growing number of large companies are joining the Fast Identity Online Alliance in the face of several failed attempts to eliminate passwords.

In June this year the alliance introduced a government membership programme with the UK and US governments among the first to join.

It hopes to eliminate the world's dependency on password-based security through open and interoperable authentication standards.

The alliance has launched a certification programme that ensures the interoperability of Fido-compliant products and services.

Chief executive of MTRIX in Germany, Malte Kahrs, said: "There are several big implementations already and early adopters include PayPal, Samsung, Google, DropBox and Github.

"One of the primary drivers for PayPal was to free itself from supplier lock-in because using an open standard means it is possible to move to other compliant suppliers without changing anything.

"Fido proves a good, scalable way of solving the password problem and has moved forward quickly, but we need other industry players to join us and meet the growing demand by consumers of goods and services for greater security."

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