Online brands must try harder

Brands are falling increasingly out of touch as they fail to engage with young surfers, according to new research by online marketing agency Panlogic.

The younger end of the market, the 17- to 22-year-olds, were identified as the high spenders of the future who were technologically savvy enough to spend more time and money online. As a result it is their behaviour that shows up trends that will affect brands in the near future.

However, the independent study points to major discrepancies between how brands market to young people and how young people actually respond.

One of the key findings from the research was that brands are simply too conservative in hooking young people and keeping them interested.

But capturing an imagination with a MTV attention span is certainly a lot easier said than done, the research reveals that the youth market, in particular, displays fragmented behaviour that makes it extremely difficult to second-guess. Young consumers can see through almost anything.

Yet, in a youth market that disdains uncool brands as much as it reveres credible ones, the ability to ally a product with a powerful cultural force is close to priceless. The clever bit comes in spotting the next big thing before they do.

Sources: Revolution, Panlogic, Brand Republic

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