BT Ordered to Share Telegraph Poles

Ofcom has ordered BT to share access to ducts and telegraph poles with rivals such as Sky and TalkTalk.

The ruling means that BT rivals could expand their own networks at a greatly reduced rate, making broadband competition more fierce and as a result driving prices down. Some have argued that increased competition will also lead to faster broadband for consumers.

The order from Ofcom came following the results of a survey, which found that telegraph poles and ducts were being used to only 50 per cent of their capacity.

Ofcom have also announced more controls on the pricing of the broadband market.

They have stated that where BT have a monopoly, they will be able to introduce new caps on the company.

When there are two or three providers in the area however, BT will be granted more freedom to set their own prices.

However even then, Ofcom have emphasised that the company will have to base all of their rates on a transparent costing system.

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