Number of Female Tech Bosses Doubles Year-on-Year

Research has found the number of women heading up tech departments has doubled in the past year.

The research, conducted by Mortimer Spinks, found that 7% of respondents were females in a head of department role – which is double the 2015 figure and not far behind the 9% of male respondents who said they headed up departments.

Michael Pierce, co-founder and CIO at investment service Wealthify, said: “I think people have quite a polarised view of tech. Some people think of it as being really cool. They think it’s like working for a Silicon Valley company like Google or Facebook, with offices filled with beanbags and pool tables.

“However, to others, ‘tech’ is a bunch of computer nerds sitting in the dark writing lines of code and talking about Star Trek.”

More women in IT said they were working in either government or not-for-profit organisations rather than in the private sector or for IT service providers.

Young girls say Stem STEM subjects (science, technology, engineering and maths) are too hard, which is stopping them from entering a career in the technology industry.

Dave Crawford, head of software engineering at Sky TV, said: “I think lots of people think it is beyond their understanding, but most of it isn’t. We all use technology all the time and with all the tools available to develop software, most people could give it a go. Schools are helping to change views here, with access to these tools and classes which apply technology to everyday situations.”

The research found that overall there was a high level of customer satisfaction, with 95% of men and 96% of women saying they are happy that they have careers in technology.

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