New report says Internet sites are best for Indie travel

New report says Internet sites are best for Indie travel

Growing demand for independent and far-flung travel is making Britons turn their

back on big tour operators and agency chains according to research published


The survey by lifestyle analysts Mintel, claims that while the number of holidays

booked through travel agents has remained static since 1999, holidays booked

independently are up 60% over the same period.

Commenting on the results, Mintel head of research, Paul Rickard said: "For an

increasing number of travellers, being in control of creating their own itineraries

and doing their own booking creates a compelling advantage over the services of

the travel agent.

“Indeed, today, some 34% of adults like to travel independently. The big facilitator

here has been the internet, providing a massive shop window of travel options,

destinations and modes of travel."

Mr Rickard claims holidaymakers are “rebelling against” conventional holiday

options, with 18% wanting to get “off the beaten track” and a similar number voicing

concerns about the damage done to local communities by mass tourism.

He added: "A convergence of factors has accelerated the rate of growth in the travel

market. We are better off and we are taking more holidays, with the short break

sector showing most rapid growth. But not only are we taking more holidays, we're

doing more of them independently of the big tour operators and travel agency


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