Google Offers Option to Block Analytics

Google has today revealed that it will be endorsing a browser plug-in which will block the company's own analytics tool.

The search engine giant is providing the plug-in for users who want to opt-out of having their data harvested by the Google Analytics Javascript tool.

The plug-in will be compatible with multiple browsers including Internet Explorer, Firefox and Google Chrome.

Another tool which the search engine giant will be making available for developers is one that ensures that the IP addresses of those visiting the site can be kept anonymous.

Amy Chang, the analytics product management director of Google spoke about the new tool in her latest blog post. She stated: "We've worked hard to make Google Analytics both a robust and reliable web analytics platform while also ensuring the trust and privacy of visitors of these websites."

"We're committed to Google Analytics as an industry-leading web analytics platform that also provides users with transparency and choice when it comes to privacy."

Considering the latest privacy scandal surrounding Facebook, it is unsurprising that Google has gained a renewed approach to its own privacy options. Very few experts however had predicted a plug-in of this nature.

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