Network Security Easier Than Businesses Think

According to security firm Kaspersky Lab corporate network security is more important and challenging than ever, but easier than most businesses think.

Kaspersky Lab published a guide to help improve security in business, through best practice in employee IT security hygiene, application patching, mobility, device protection and online behaviour.

The guide states that the best cyber security protection for any business requires a mixture of enforcement and education and while employees need to take more responsibility for their own safety, there is a lot more that businesses can do to eliminate risky behaviour.

Enforcements such as strong passwords will prove effective as research shows 63% of employees currently use easy-to-guess passwords and 39% use the same passwords for all accounts.

The guide says employees should be encouraged not to open links from unknown sources or to open any links they are unsure about.

It added that no employee should be opening files from unknown sources - personal or work - and the company should make this a key priority in their security policy.

The guide also said that it is important to use education and system control to turn best practice into a security policy for everyone in the business to follow.

The guide added that failing to update software will only increase the risk of a security breach, as the majority of malware is designed to take advantage of vulnerabilities in applications; meaning the longer they are unpatched, the longer cyber criminals have to exploit those vulnerabilities.

The guide recommends acquiring tools to block unwanted applications and software and recommends businesses deploy systems to scan devices for malware and to control the types of device connecting to the company network.

When it comes to social media, the guide states that it is important for employees to understand that even if they are using it for personal use, the risks can affect the entire company.

It said: "By encouraging the right behaviours, you can implement a policy that keeps your network and data safe without impinging on the quality of employees' work life."

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